Will Syntheticlawnturf.net's artificial grass fade in the sun?

  • Syntheticlawnturf.net's Built-in UV inhibitors to ensure the rays of the sun will not negatively affect the turf.

How do I calculate my square footage?

  • Just like finding the surface area of a rectangle, calculating the square footage of your yard requires a mathematical formula: L x W = FT2.

How much does Synthetic Grass cost?

  • This is a complicated question as installation prices can vary greatly depending on the scope of the work and the product you choose, but it is important to know that this is a significant financial investment into your home.

What type of maintenance should I expect?

  • It is important to pick up leaves and debris that fall on the grass as well as periodically brush the fibers to keep your turf looking vibrant and fresh.

What happens to dog urine and waste?​

  • Dogs can go to the bathroom on artificial grass without any hesitations. Dog urine flushes through the turf’s drainage system and solid waste is cleaned in the same manner as natural grass.

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What is the life expectancy of Syntheticlawnturf.net's turf Grass?

  • Generally, artificial grass lasts 20 to 25 year.

What is the installation process?

  • There are many steps to the installation process and we will discuss the details with you so you know exactly what to expect.

How does synthetic grass affect the environment?

  • Artificial grass is great for the environment, and is considered a green product.


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